Northstar Commitment and priorities:
      1: Quality products produced safely
      2: On time deliveries
      3: Be cost effective.  If customer is trying to expedite a delivery and compromise quality we will hold product until quality is right.
          We will invest in overtime if we can help with emergencies.
     Northstar Steel Fabricating, Inc. Was founded as a partnership between Mark and Peter Denis in 1981, and incorporated in Wisconsin two years later.  The first full-time employee was hired in 1982 and is still with the company.  Current facilities occupy six buildings encompassing approximately 22,000 square feet of floor space.   The company is head quartered in Rhinelander, WI.
     Northstar initially offered products and services such as: pipe and steel sales, repair welding, and OEM off-highway fabricated metal components.  Currently, products and services offered include: steel sales, structural steel fabrication, fabricated OEM off-highway components (such as; tanks, enclosures, engine mounts, platforms, and canopies), electrical control panels, wire harnesses, process conrol rooms, cab structures, complete OEM supplied modules (cab assemblies, diesel power units, etc.).  As well as engineering and prototyping services related to these products.  These products find use in forestry/agriculture, aerospace, mining, marine, railroad,  material handling, environmental protection, construction, and defense industries. Current employment exceeds 40 skilled welder/fabricators, painters, electricians, and assemblers.  We have recently added in house powder coating to our new expanded coatings department.  We foresee a steady increase in the demand for more-sophisticated products, with customers expecting a quality product, delivered quickly, and completely engineered to their specifications and cost targets.  Northstar stands ready to meet these demands with exceptional service and quality for many years to come.